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Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch.” -Ben Franklin

Democracy tends to work better as the number of people participating decreases, but it is fundamentally flawed. But if we are going to cooperate as a species given the set of all possible conflicts, it is a reasonable solution. Even further, it is the solution forced upon us by our betters. In most people’s minds, Democracy is the machinery of our Republic. Certainly, a romantic idea at best and a filthy lie at worst.

I used to think that voting was just for show; a proverbial bone the ruling class would throw us plebes every few years so we would think there was such a thing as “consent of the governed”. In other words, casting a vote for the chief executive was akin to electing President of the Student Council. No one is under the illusion that this office has any real power at the Student Council level. Whether or not duly elected officials have any power is still up for debate in my book, but, thanks to the proliferation of media sources, my eyes are certainly opening to the very flawed process in which the will of the People is expressed. Anything worth doing is, at least, worth doing half-assed and U.S. elections aren’t even getting close to that level. …


Chris Kleeschulte

All things cryptocurrency.

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